Hello little sprout 'baby memories'

We produce babyfilms as a new way of birth announcements. A unique and sustainable way to notify your family and friends of your newborn's birth.

Film and video is getting more important every day. Everybody loves to share crazy, sad, beautiful or special videos through Social Media. Sabine and Charlotte realized that the one thing missing was a birth announcement through video. Why not share the beautiful ‘newborn’ images with the world around you? Share the video with small groups of family and friends or with the whole world.

Are you looking for a unique film of your newborn baby? How do you describe these first days of being a mom? A picture says more than a thousand words, with our film the story gets a place in your history. The videos we make are for people who really want something different and original. For people who want to announce the birth of their baby in a way nobody forgets.

Sabine and Charlotte (Hello Little Sprout) will come to your house to shoot these intimate images. They film in a natural, almost documentary style. Every family has its own style, which you can see in our films. Maybe you will even want some more videos made. We edit the images on the same day of the shoot and get the film back to you within 24 hours. You choose your own music and fonts. How you want it is up to you. The memory stays forever.

Hello little sprout Jada

Hello little sprout Mick

Son of Kim and Jaap.

Jaap (Jake Reese) wrote a song specially for their babyfilm. Each Hello little sprout film is unique. Contact us about the possibilities for your birth announcement.

You are pregnant

You are looking for an original way to announce that your baby is born and/or you want a life time memory of these first days of your child.

Choose your package

You can choose a package during your pregnancy. Check out which package meets your expectations.

Your sprout is born!

In between 2 days and 2 weeks we come to your house to film your little sprout (This will take approx. 1,5 hours).

24 hour service

Within 24 hours we will edit the film and send you the first version which you can revise. Then you will be able to send the film out there to all your family and friends.




24 July 2016

babyfilm van Oliver


15 July 2016


Familie Wegter

13 May 2016

Hello little sprout muck reesema


10 May 2016



31 March 2016



31 juli 2015
SPROUT Original

Surprise your wife, girlfriend or daughter with a Hello little sprout film!




Wow, what a video! Super nice, especially as a memory for later! Regards, Hester

sprout Olivia

Yadira and Oscar

Hi Charlotte, thanks again for a nice shooting session! We are very happy with the film. We would also like to take the offer for the 2 min video!Warm regards

sprout Oscar


Hai Charlotte en Sabine, This is so cool this babycommercial!!!We are really happy with it! You did a very good job both of you

sprout Felix

As seen in

Sprout impression